Chad is not afraid to dream big for himself, his vendors or his clients. And he is focused on results. He maintains an “ordinary person” profile with everyone, which makes him very accessible. He mixes cutting-edge technologies and innovation with common sense. He thinks for himself and isn’t afraid to implement solutions others can’t or won’t.

John Wright

I have worked with Chad for over 2 years now. He possesses the most coveted techniques in the online industry – from web design, to online marketing, to lead generation. Chad has helped me with webpage design, newsletter design and copy. He is my one stop shop for all my web needs. I have been completely satisfied with his projects and will continue to use him for my online needs.

Josh Leitz

In regards to working with Chad Michael Lawson on building my business & site. I know that it’s no easy task on getting the site ready, the shopping cart and working with merchants to get your site live. Chad has the know how on getting all this job done also his phone is not automated. If their is a problem you can get Chad on the phone to work things out. If I was to build a new business today, Chad Michael Lawson would be the person in charge.

Chuck Molter

When I first started to being able to work with Chad our studio had been using conventional advertising; print media, radio, flyers, etc. We tried a lot of the things that have traditionally been successful. And, the first summer that I’d owned the business we had dropped down to one a week. And, there were weeks when we didn’t have that. So we had one month where we had 4-5 people[new students]. After I got involved with Chad:

After about 1 month of being able to get everything up and running the studio was already at 6 [new students] a week. And, that was after the first month after he was able to get things established. And after that it just continued to build and continued to be able to drive new business than the weeks before. If it hadn’t been for the switch to a more intelligent, more easily tracked form of advertising where I could see the direct relation to the numbers that I was getting back to the money that was going out my business wouldn’t have made it and [there] wouldn’t still be an Arthur Murray Studio in Mesa [Arizona].

I can tell you that if you listen to what he says and take his advice you’ll definitely be able to grow you business faster and with less money than any other form of advertising than I’ve been able to find.

Lowell Everett Fox

Your site is sooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really am not tech savy and I can’t believe how easy it all is!!!! Way to go!!! You have done a great job!!!! So happy I found you!!!

Chad you are the BOMB! Thanks for fixing up my website.

I am sooooo happy with how easy it was to put the information in. Again, Great job!!! i am really really happy that I found your information on line.

thank you again for fixing the website so quickly.

Jessica Free

Wow! I love working with you! The videos are SO helpful!

Susan Quint

Thank you so much for offering websites at an affordable price! I wouldn’t have been able to afford a website this good any other way. Besides affordable, you’ve also made it user friendly for non-techies like me! Having a website and online registration has made an awesome impact on the parents. They are so pleased to finally have this convenience and I know its one more reason for them to choose my studio! besides the fact that I’m so popular ;)


Thank you, Chad, for delivering outstanding dance performances on all of our jobs over the last couple of years.  It is such a pleasure working with you!

I appreciate being able to call on you, explain our needs, and know that the dance you provide will match perfectly to our client’s vision.  It must be your experience as an accomplished dancer yourself that gives you your keen intuitive insight.  You are always on point.

Your dancers have always been excellent, professional, and flexible.  They have been great about accommodating the changing needs during the flow of an event, which can be pretty stressful.  But thanks to your leadership, it has been a smooth process.

Your consistent attention to detail is of tremendous importance to me, as it is to my clients.  Our company is a premier entertainment agency, and as such we have very high expectations for everyone with whom we work.  Your level of service meets and exceeds those expectations.

I have received high accolades about your dancers, from our small corporate events, up to the large annual ball that we’ve done.  Thank you for making our company look good!
I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Susan Vargo